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If you think about the food chain logically it is easy to understand how, you get all the way out to large mammals like whales, dolphins, and manatees .
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24 Aug 2007 Despite being protected, the manatee population of the vast Amazon has waters into biomass needed to fuel the entire aquatic food chain .
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The West Indian manatee and green sea turtle feed on seagrass. A second food chain begins when algae, growing on seagrass and mangrove roots, are eaten by a
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21 Jun 2010 These grasses form the foundation of the local food chain , i hope they try to move the manatees somewhere safe. and if they need any sea
Where are manatees found in the food chain ?
by F Charles - Related articlesWith their firm position atop the food chain , manatees have not significantly evolved for at least 40 million years. Indeed, manatees seem to lead an
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Think about what it would mean if manatees became extinct? What impact would this have on the ecosystem? On the Food Chain /Habitiat?
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Manatees are completely useless. Their entire purpose is to get in the way of boats. Where are they in the food chain anyway? What the hell eats manatees ?
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewObjectives: To showcase knowledge on manatees and Florida spring environments. food chain : Transfer of energy through various stages as a result of
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30 Dec 2009 Because of their place in the food chain , some people refer to manatees as "cows of the sea." To me, they are more like amoebae, slow-moving
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Due to the many types of plant life they consume, manatees are considered to be primary eaters on the food chain ladder. This is why they are so often
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Manatees are herbivores. What are some specific types of plant material that they eat? What is the role of manatees in an aquatic food chain ?
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So a 1000 pound manatee would eat between 100-150 pounds of food a day! Q. Where are manatees found in the food chain ? A. Manatees are primary feeders
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Q. Where are manatees found in the food chain ? A. Manatees are primary feeders ( plant-eaters). They feed directly off of plants.
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Manatees eat water plants with their molars (flat teeth). An adult can eat 100- 150 pounds (45-67 kg) of food each day. Their rough-textured teeth and hard
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Where are manatees found in the food chain ? Related Questions. Where are manatees on the food chain ? Do manatees live in the Amazon River?